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AOYS Fire Training Ltd.

A Canadian owned and operated fire service training organization that is dedicated to reducing firefighter injuries and deaths through the provision of up-to-date, interactive training programs designed to integrate the most recent scientific research with practical street application.

The flagship of AOYS training programs is the Blue Card Command Certification Program, a state of the art training and certification system that standardizes local incident operations across fire and emergency response organizations. Using a combination of on-line and in-class simulation based training, the Blue Card Command Certification Program produces proven results in Company Officers and Incident Commanders. AOYS Fire Training Ltd. is the exclusive provider of Blue Card Command to responders outside of the United States.

Providing instruction across the United States and Canadian Fire Services for over 20 years, the delivery methods for AOYS Programs continue to meet the needs of your department providing knowledge and skills that are attainable, applicable and retrievable when seconds count…….

2019 Blue Card Train The Trainer Classes

  • Western CDN Trainer - Airdrie, Alberta - March 11-15, 2019
  • Eastern CDN Trainer - St. Catharines, Ont - May 6-10, 2019
  • Maritime CDN Trainer - Moncton, NB - June 3-7, 2019

What's Going On With AOYS?

3 days ago
Dad-1978-Newly promoted Phx Fire Chief. AVB TTTs:
1. Don’t assume - assure
2. There are times when silence becomes an injustice
3. Know the difference on the fireground between dumb water and smart water
4. Don’t be afraid of being uncomfortable-all growth involves discomfort
AOYSFireTrain photo
7 days ago
Flaming combustion requires air! Watch visible flame move from one side to the other as flow path is adjusted from bi-directional to uni-directional. Another great learning point using an alcohol fueled, smoke-free prop.
Instagram – flashpointequipment
2 weeks ago
Blue Card Command certification class in Cisco, Tx. It is an honor to bring the Blue Card message to my home county departments. Eastland FD, Cisco FD, Rising Star FD, Early FD. Great group of guys working to improve service to their communities! AOYSFireTrain photo
3 weeks ago
Dad 1957 - 20 years old and his whole life ahead of him. AVB TTTs:
1. The problem is not lies, it’s myths
2. Everybody is capable of everything
3. We move towards the “picture”
4. A sane man in a house full of crazy people appears insane to everybody inside

missing you dad!
AOYSFireTrain photo

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