About AOYS Fire Training Ltd.

AOYS Fire Training Ltd. is a Canadian owned and operated fire service training organization dedicated to the mission of reducing fire fighter injuries and deaths through the delivery of modern, interactive training programs designed to integrate the most recent scientific research with practical street application. Once approached from the perspective of NEVER or ALWAYS absolutes, structure fires have changed at a rate far beyond that of our previous tactics. Truth is; the words “never” and “always” cannot be safely and effectively applied to today’s structure fires.​


Michael (Todd) Nixon is Lead Instructor and co-owner of AOYS Fire Training Ltd. and has been a career member of the fire service for 30 years with a total of more than 34 years of fire service training and response experience. He has degrees in fire science, fire service administration and adult education. He has been a career officer for the past 19 years working on Engine (squad), Aerial and Rescue Company assignments prior to promoting to the rank of Platoon Chief.​

Combining over 30 years of frontline fire service experience with current studies and theoretical scientific evidence, AOYS Fire Training Ltd. is dedicated to building a solid theoretical foundation of firefighting and incident command knowledge and skills for students using modern, proven techniques in adult education. These crucial analytical skills will enable students to be able to apply the right tools and tactics at the right time during fire ground operations, knowing what, when, how and why.

A primary objective of AOYS Fire Training Ltd. is to achieve cost-effective delivery of programs, teaching and reinforcing critical knowledge and skills through interactive learning, practical examples, and application exercises. Utilizing the true application of the “flipped classroom” method of adult education in several of its programs, AOYS Fire Training Ltd. can further enhance its educational programs with on-site practical exercises at departments across the United States and Canada.​

Following several years of Lead Instruction for Blue Card Command in Canada, AOYS Fire Training Ltd. is privileged to be the exclusive provider of the Blue Card Command Certification Program to responders outside of the United States as of the spring of 2015.  This state of the art training and certification system standardizes local incident operations across fire and emergency response organizations. Using a combination of on-line and in-class simulation based training; Blue Card Command Certification produces proven results in Company Officers and Incident Commanders.

Providing instruction across the United States and Canadian Fire Services for over 20 years, the delivery methods for AOYS Programs continue to meet the needs of your department providing knowledge and skills that are attainable, applicable and retrievable when seconds count…….​