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The Blue Card Command Certification Program is a state of the art training and certification system that teaches Company and Command Officers how to standardize local incident operations across their organization. The program uses a blended learning experience of on-line and in-class simulation training which focuses on the five major structural type that fires typically occur in (i.e. single family residential, multi-unit residential, commercial, strip mall, and big box occupancies). This remarkable training program provides a solution for Incident Commanders that finally addresses local Hazard Zone operations.

The training is based entirely on retired Fire Chief Alan Brunacini’s Fire Command and Command Safety Textbooks that have been used globally in the Fire Service for over 30 years. The Blue Card Incident Commander Training and Certification Program is designed to manage local, NIMS Type 4 & 5 incidents which account for over 99% of a department’s incident activity.

Until the advent of Blue Card, there has not been a curriculum or standard for an Incident Commander to manage a local, Type 4 & 5 Hazard Zone.

The Blue Card program is designed to produce safe and effective hazard zone operations. Because fire departments routinely operate at the scene of incidents with an IDLH atmosphere (immediately dangerous to life and health) it forces us to simultaneously manage incident command, strategy, tactics and firefighter safety.

The effect of the program is two-fold. First, it develops the personal skills in officers required to supervise and manage incident operations that occur in a hazard zone. The second and more powerful effect is the Blue Card program standardizes incident operations across the entire department. The Blue Card Program has standardized operations across different mutual aid boundaries, different battalions, shifts and stations of 100’s of fire departments across the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand making the fire ground safer and operations more effective.

Internationally accepted and proven, the Blue Card Command program is continually reviewed, revised and updated to reflect the current state of scientific research provided by NIST and UL studies as well as lead instructor input. It is truly a continuing education model with new educational modules and simulations available on a quarterly basis and free on-line access to B-Shifter Magazine with articles from numerous authors addressing current issues and providing ongoing training materials.

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Blue Card Addresses NIOSH LODD’S

The top 5 NIOSH Line of Duty Death (LODD) contributing factors for hazard zone injuries and deaths continue to include:

  1. Inadequate risk vs. gain assessment
  2. Lack of IMS – Command and Control
  3. Lack of Adequate SOPs
  4. Lack of Effective Incident Communications
  5. Lack of Adequate Training

The all-encompassing format of the Blue Card Command Program is founded on the provision of three (3) solutions for addressing this trend of fireground losses:

  1. Development, application & continual review task, operational and command SOPS,
  2. Adequate entry level and re-occurring task level training,
  3. Adequate entry level and re-occurring tactical and strategic level training.


"As a new junior Officer, I was eager to see what I could take from the Blue Card program, with that being said I found the 40 plus hour online portion daunting at times, and felt that maybe there was a little too much repetition. I completed the online portion, still a little unsure of how much I took from the program. Once we started the 4 day certification lab, it became very clear to me that those repetitive portions, and seemingly never ending slides really did create the needed structure for me to be successful in the certification labs. The labs where well thought out both in progression of the simulations, and order of complexity. We started with larger commercial structures and progressed to single family dwellings, this really allowed the most focus to be placed on the incidents we most commonly encounter, single family homes.

The program really has to be judged at the end of the certification portion, as either part is good on its own but how very complementary they were together, this allowed me as a junior officer to develop confidence as IC or a sector boss at a larger incident. I would not hesitate to say this should be mandatory for ALL Fire Officers at any point in their careers."

M.G. – New Fire Officer

"The Blue Card Command Program has allowed us to standardize the command process throughout our department. From the initial phases of the on-line training, and now as we near completion of our command labs for full certification and develop new SOP’s, our officers have embraced the program, they have been the ones to keep it going. We are thankful for this training as we continue to enhance the knowledge, experience and safety of all our members."

C.G. – Training Officer

"We just had a structure fire on the North side (my first structure fire as command). What I am hearing from the guys is that it went really good and I certainly feel really good about it as well. There were things that I certainly can learn from and I am sure my voice was broken up and probably numerous communications that I could have closed better. However I was working with a tremendous team and the basic functions and tactical approaches worked extremely well. So all I can say is thanks for looking out for all of us and that I believe everybody at the scene would agree that the knowledge we have learned from Blue card is so invaluable."

A.W. - Captain

"After 40 years on the job and an officer for 37 of those I would like to say that the recent Blue Card training ranks right up there with the best. The use of modern technology combined with tried and true tactics makes this a great learning opportunity for present day and new officers. The system can be utilized in both large and small departments and will easily conform to your department needs. I was impressed by the way command is passed seamlessly. There is complete control of your resources from the beginning of an incident to the end. I would recommend this course to any department that felt it needed to modernize their tactical advantage on a call."

D.S. – Platoon Chief

"As the former Chief Training Officer… I was first introduced to the Blue Card Program in 2012. Following my on-line training, which was an exceptional introduction to Fire Command, I attended the four day Blue Card Incident Commander Program. This program places you in the hot seat as the first due Engine Officer, or the first due Chief Officer, and teaches you many necessary and crucial elements that you need to be cognizant of when responding to emergency events. Throughout the four days you will immerse yourself in the world of incident command in a didactic and scenario environment. You will have many fire scenes created using simulation that will prepare you to face the many challenges an Incident Commander will face..

Throughout my career as a fire officer, I have taken many command courses. Following my four day Blue Card Incident Commander Program, this was the first time I felt that what I learned I could put into practice right away, and achieve excellent results on the fire ground. This program will help you develop a quick Incident Action Plan that will bring organization to an already chaotic scene. Most of all, it provides you the tools that you require as an Incident Commander and will certainly give you the confidence as the first due officer or chief on scene."

G.C. – Fire Chief